the opportunity

  • Cancer dramatically interrupts both the lives of patients and the lives of those caring for their friend, family or loved one.
  • The economic costs to families, business and our health care systems are staggering.
  • We need to invest in improved cancer treatments that will that have fewer side effects, improve patient quality of life and prolong survival.
  • With an aging population cancer rates are predicted to rise over the next 15 – 20 years.
  • We know that many organizations are trying to treat and stop this illness. With our investors and partners, we will work together to help solve the problems that cancer creates.
  • Our novel and proprietary antibody immunotherapy has the predicted capability of treating multiple cancer types.
  • We are arranging meetings with companies and investors who are interested in immuno-oncology.
  • We have two patents pending, a panel of novel monoclonal antibodies that bind predictably to a unique target, and are anticipating data from animal studies shortly.
  • If you wish to be first-in-line to assess our unique data package later in the year then we would very much like to speak with serious and interested parties.

Why are We Unique?

We are developing an Antibody Immunotherapy Drug that is predicted to have the ability to treat multiple types of cancers, with a current focus on Multiple Myeloma.

Our technology and concept:

  • Encompasses a critical area of cancer research and immunology that has been overlooked by the scientific community.
  • Uses a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer in a balanced fashion.
  • Has the potential to rationally and safely combine with other treatments.
  • Provides the opportunity for early partnerships. “Patent Cliffs” (primary drugs that have fallen off patent protection) have caused havoc in traditional drug development groups. Large pharmaceutical companies have been forced to cut back on their internal research & development and are now looking externally for smaller but dramatic biotech discovery programs that they can license or acquire. As such, small biotech companies can often partner with larger companies and, in so doing, achieve faster exits for their early investors.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are very interested in the development of antibody drugs, and are currently seeking novel cancer targets and approaches like the ones being developed at Novelogics. Our approach is not a “personalized medicine” option, so it should be less cumbersome to deliver.
  • Expected to broadly treat the top 10 types of deadly cancers vs. more targeted drugs that are designed for specific types of cancer and often only work well on one kind of cancer.
  • By design our concept is expected to be less toxic than traditional therapies either on the market or coming through the pipeline, and given the way our drug is expected to work, it should not make a patient sick to get better.
  • Drug resistance is less likely to develop considering the drug target is not actually on or within the cancer cell, but instead indirectly reactivates the immune system to fight the disease.
  • In addition to the antibody drug, we will be developing an independent, yet related, medical device.