the technology

The proprietary technology behind Novelogics’ innovation involves discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies that target soluble decoy proteins that are involved with the devastating immune system suppression associated with cancer progression. It is predicted that this new therapy will broadly treat many types of cancers and will do so in a less toxic fashion without inducing debilitating side-effects. Patients should not get sick to get better, as it stimulates the body’s own immune system to fight cancer more naturally. In addition, as modern cancer therapies typically include treatment with several drugs, we anticipate exploring the potential for rational approaches to combine our drug with other frontline therapeutics in order to maximize treatment outcomes for cancer patients.

Our development of first-in-class monoclonal antibody drugs for cancer that are adaptable for use within a medical device for the same therapeutic indications. These patent-pending treatments form the cornerstone of an exciting new paradigm in cancer research that utilizes the power of the immune system and promises to be both highly effective and considerably less toxic than traditional approaches to disease management.

Novelogics Biotechnology has one mission in mind:

We want to create better cancer drugs that won’t make you sick to get you better.

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